Time to get out your sunscreen
Jun, 2021

We have moved from spring into summer, and it is time to get your sunscreen sorted. Do you know how to use your sun care products from Meraki? Do you prefer a sun oil or a sun cream? A mild fragrance or none at all? Learn more about our products here.

With Meraki, you get a choice. Sun care products which are either mildly scented or perfume-free. A sun oil or a sun lotion, depending on your preferences. Whatever you choose, your skin is well protected as you head out into the sun.

Apply and then apply some more

We use SPF 30 in our products. It is more than enough for most people if you also remember to apply it regularly. Read more about the sun protection factor and the filters we use here.

Apply a generous amount. We say “one handful for one body”. If you apply less, the SPF is reduced, and you are not as protected as you might think. Bathing and sweating increase the need to re-apply your sunscreen throughout the day.

Sun oil or sun lotion?

This is up to you as they both protect your skin. The difference lies in the consistency. Whereas the oil gives your skin some shine, the sun lotion is a normal cream. Both are easily absorbed without being greasy on your skin. Both are SPF 30 and contain vitamin E, which is an antioxidant. The sun lotion is available in a scented version as well as in a perfume-free version called Pure which carries the Nordic Swan Label and is recommended by Asthma-Allergy Nordic. The Pure Sun Lotion has recently been given the highest rating by the Danish Consumer Council.

Soothing after-sun

Once you have had enough of the sun, it is time to take care of your skin. Our After Sun Lotion feels cooling while it softens, soothes and moisturises your skin with aloe vera and almond oil. As your skin might become irritated after being exposed to the sun, the Meraki after-sun contains saccharide isomerate. A natural and plant-derived moisturiser which reduces itching, makes your skin smoother and softens it. Because you get choices with Meraki, the after-sun is available with a mild fragrance or as a perfume-free version called Pure which carries the Nordic Swan Label and is recommended by Asthma-Allergy Nordic.

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