Survival kit for mums

Aug, 2019

As a recent mother you are not supposed to handle everything at once. Pamper yourself with some simple self-pampering rituals which will boost your energy and arrange moments of “mommy-time.” Enjoy a tasteful cup of coffee and call a friend who is always able to make you laugh.

1. Save time – keep it simple

Guaranteed, you recognise the feeling of being under pressure when having kids and where you have plenty to do but still wants to maintain your skincare routine – then the makeup wipes from Meraki is an easy and fast solution for you.

2. Treat your body well

Bring your body oil into the shower and apply it after having turned off the water. By applying the oil right away while your skin is still wet and warm, it makes the skin able to absorb the oil even better.

Subsequently, wipe your skin with a towel. The oil will provide your skin with moisture and leave your skin delightful and soft.

3. Don’t forget your beautiful face

A lovely face mask is perfect for days where you need an extra boost. The face mask from Meraki has a refreshing, cooling effect and will provide your skin with moisture and nourishment.

Beauty tip

Psst, a beauty tip… The face mask is also perfect when you need to multitask – you can wear it while fixing the laundry or cleaning your home.

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