Hand cream, Pure, 1.7 fl.oz/ 50 ml., Cosmos Organic

Meraki Pure – honest options

Take a pure moment of bliss and recharge your soul.  

The world of skincare can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate – especially if you want to avoid harmful chemistry. Meraki Pure is a complete, certified organic body range focusing on organics, health and the environment – and all the products can be used safely by the whole family. Choose Meraki Pure if you or your loved ones:  

  • Want to minimise the risk of developing allergies 
  • Want to avoid colourants and perfume 
  • Want to protect the environment 
  • Like organic skin care  
  • Like vegan skin care 
  • Have sensitive skin 

Explore the range of products in our Pure series

With Meraki Pure, we want to make it easier for you to choose honest body care products. We do not think it is necessary for the customer to know everything about complex chemical compositions – we have already got that covered for you. The three certifications on the back of each of our Meraki Pure products ensure that all ingredients used in our products are carefully selected. 

Our certifications

An entire series of Pure products

You should not have to choose. Pure is an option for everyone and for all parts of your body from head to toe, for body and hair, for sunshine and rainy days. It is a choice you make to treat yourself with nothing but the purest ingredients.

For your body

For your hair

For sunny days

For your home

Our Pure hand lotion gets top marks

Meraki’s Pure Hand Lotion has been acknowledged by a popular and respected Danish consumer organisation that works to promote sustainable and socially responsible consumption.

The organisation’s app, Kemiluppen, has recognised our hand lotion with the highest rating which means that the product is an excellent choice if you want to avoid harmful chemicals and unwanted chemistry.

At Meraki, we are naturally very proud of the recognition which emphasises both the quality and name of the product.

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Pure protection and care on the sunny days

Protect and moisturise your skin while out in the sun with this perfume- free and water-resistant sun lotion with SPF 30. The chemical UVA and UVB filters absorb harmful UV rays and leave no white residue or greasy feeling on your skin. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that keeps your skin soft and supple. The sun lotion can be used by the entire family and is quickly absorbed.

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Get to know our Pure series even better

Wellbeing is a state of mind. Let our Meraki Pure series take you there, keep you healthy and radiant, and treat yourself with nothing but purity. Pure is science and perhaps you would like to know more about our series?

Honest options

Honest options

Our wonderful Meraki Pure series contains certified personal care products that consider your health as well as the environment. So, if you want to choose honest products, you can read more about the Meraki Pure series right here!

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