Oh, so many soaps
Nov, 2021
Everyday items with a twist. With Meraki you can stay fresh and clean with beautiful soaps in different scents, shapes and colours that all add to the look and feel of your bathroom.

A gentle touch

Finding a soap that does not dry out your skin is important in a time where we wash our hands frequently. These hand soaps from Meraki are gentle and soft to your skin which means that they can be used throughout the day without drying out your skin. The soaps all come in beautiful packaging, making them perfect, thoughtful gifts for the people you care for. And with different scents and colours, finding one that suits you or your loved ones should be more than easy.

A soap on a rope

Being attached to a rope, these soaps are versatile and will have a great decorative effect in your bathroom. The rope adds a vintage-inspired look to your décor, while the beautiful colours and textures of the soaps make them stand out. Hang them anywhere you want for ease of use and a stylish effect.

Charcoal for a deep cleanse

For an extra deep and purifying cleanse, use our hand soap containing bamboo charcoal. While the soap is great for deep cleansing, it is still gentle and soft to your hands. The dark grey colour looks great in almost any bathroom, while the simple shape keeps things looking sharp.

Exfoliate your skin

If you wish to upgrade your shower experience, you should try one of our bath mitts. With their toned-down, natural look they will cosy up your bathroom. Being made from 100% jute and filled with handmade soap that creates a rich foam, the mitts are great for a gentle exfoliation while in the shower. The mitts come with different scents – rosemary, papaya and herbs – all containing nourishing and essential oils and leaving a lovely scent after use. Choose the aroma that best suits you and your bathroom and create a completely personal and relaxing experience.

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