New Collection
Jan, 2022

The arrival of a new season

A new season means new products. And this season offers quite a few new items. From everyday essentials like a new dish brush and soap to products made to prepare you for summer.

Spring-ready feet

Imagine this: you come home from work, it is cold and wet outside, and you are tired. You sit down on the couch with a cup of tea and a steaming hot footbath. The ultimate comfort. With our new foot salt, you can create just that – a lovely, nurturing footbath to relieve your aching feet. The salt softens, soothes, and revitalises your feet while the energising scent of eucalyptus, mint and lime fills the air.

If you want to go the extra mile when it comes to the comfort of your feet, you should try our new foot scrub. An organic apricot granulate gives your skin a gentle exfoliation while organic sunflower oil and almond oil soften it. Your feet are left feeling smooth and well cared for, ready for warmer days best enjoyed in sandals or with bare feet. You can use the foot scrub on dry feet or soak them beforehand to loosen calluses, perhaps in the foot bath you made with our foot salt.

Summer glow in wintertime

Now that your feet are ready for spring and summer, it is time to take care of the rest of your body.

A cold, dark winter might have you longing for a nice tan. With our new instant tanning mousse, you can get an even, healthy and natural-looking tan, perfect for wintertime or to extend your glow into fall. When using the mousse, the tan will show up instantly, and the full effect occurs after only 2-6 hours.

Thanks to glycerine and aloe vera, your skin gets an even tan and stays smooth, soft and well-moisturised. If you want the very best and most even result, use our new tanning glove in the process. The glove is made of a velvety soft material that helps spread the mousse evenly across your body. Just put on the glove and apply a suitable amount of mousse. A problem that often occurs when self-tanning is staining your hands. The glove fixes that and gives you a flawless, streak-free glow at the same time. When travelling is restricted, a little self-tan goes a long way.

Dishwashing made smart

While a dish brush might not seem like the most evocative of products, Meraki has made one that is both beautiful and smart. The handle is made of bamboo and has been given a black stain that lets the wood shine through, making for a beautiful and elegant dish brush. However, what makes the brush smart is the fact that you can replace the brush head. When it gets dirty, you just unscrew it and clean it under the faucet or in your dishwasher. When your dish brush starts looking worn, there is no need to buy a new one. Simply replace the brush head to give it a new lease on life. Your Meraki dish brush is instantly refreshed, and you avoid unnecessary waste. Pair the brush with the new, equally elegant dish soap called Herbal Nest. A soap you can easily leave out on the kitchen counter due to its elegant looks. Enjoy the soft foam of this dish soap and its light, herbal scent with notes of sage, citrus and musk.

There are many more new products for you to explore on our website. Just click “News” to see them all.

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