Meraki MINI – the best for the little ones
Apr, 2021

When it comes to your child, only the best will do. Our range of certified organic care products are formulated with mild and gentle ingredients. Let the organic oils and aloe vera in the perfume-free range nourish and moisturise the sensitive skin and hair of your baby as you bond over bath time.

Mild, certified organic and perfume-free

We are on the side of caution and use only mild and gentle ingredients in our Meraki MINI products. Organic oils and organic aloe vera keep the sensitive skin of your child well moisturised and nourished. Our products are recommended by Asthma-Allergy Nordic, certified by the Nordic Ecolabel and certified organic by Ecocert Cosmos.

Bonding over a bath

Giving your baby a bath is a way of maintaining skin-on-skin contact and a wonderful way of bonding. There are no distractions from your smartphone, no to-do lists. Just relaxation and the gift of spending time with your baby. As your child grows older, bath time is an opportunity to splash, play and chat away. There is nothing better than listening to the babble of babies and toddlers in the bath.

Thanks to our plastic bottles with pumps, you do not get too much product out at once and the bottle will not break if your child gets their hands on them. A natural moisturising active in our shampoo and soap maintains the moisture in your child’s skin but also helps create a wonderful foam. This adds to the sensory experience that a bath can be for a child.

After the bath, moisturise your child’s skin with our baby lotion. Rich in organic ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter and almond oil, it prevents the skin from drying out and keeps it soft and well nourished

Oil for the little ones

A gentle oil is ideal for the sensitive skin of babies. Ours contains nourishing and softening organic oils from sunflower, avocado and almonds. Sunflower oil is particularly efficient in keeping the skin smooth and moisturised while also protecting the natural skin barrier.

Add a spoonful of oil to the bathwater, use it to bond with your child over a gentle massage and add a few drops to your child’s scalp to combat cradle cap. 

There is something magical about baby skin. It always smells good, is so soft and you can’t help but gushing over the tiny feet and silky soft belly. With the MINI products from Meraki, your child’s skin stays soft thanks to mild and gentle formulas.

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