Meraki body brushes
Nov, 2021

A lot of us have elaborate skincare routines. If there is one thing that should not be missing from yours, it is the use of brushes. Body brushing has a myriad of benefits to your skin and overall well-being. Meraki has designed a series of brushes to use before or in the shower.

Introducing the Borago brushes

Borago is a new line of brushes from Meraki. It consists of a body brush with a long handle, an ionic body brush and a nail brush. They are made of horse hair and soft pig bristles while the ash wood has been thermo treated to withstand humid conditions.

The ionic body brush

If you want to explore the benefits of dry brushing, this ionic body brush is the answer. Besides ordinary bristles, the brush also contains copper brushes. Copper has stimulating, stabilising and regulating functions. Use this brush on dry skin before showering.

When you use the ionic body brush, the copper bristles form negative ions on the surface of your skin. These ions are known to stimulate your lymph nodes, increase the resistance of your skin, combat cellulite, and improve the elasticity of your skin. You get more energy and both your blood flow and metabolism are improved when you use the ionic body brush on a regular basis. 

How to use it

Use the ionic body brush on dry skin 2 to 5 minutes before you jump in the shower. The key is to use long, gentle strokes and always towards your heart.

Start with your feet and move your way up each leg towards the groin.

Continue from your hands towards your arm pits.

Brush your stomach upwards towards your heart or in clockwise, circular motions.

Finish with your lower back towards the heart in circular motions. 

The body brush with a long handle

This brush is designed to be used in the shower, with or without water and soap. The choice is yours. Get an effective scrub and remove dead skin cells by massaging your skin with the brush. Doing so also increases blood flow and improves your circulation. Thanks to the long handle, even those hard-to-reach spots on your back can be cleaned and exfoliated. The brush is a 2-in-1 solution with long, soft bristles on one side and short, slightly stiffer bristles on the other side.

Don’t forget your nails

Keeping your nails in pristine condition is also part of a self-care routine. This nail brush removes persistent dirt with three rows of long bristles and two rows of short bristles. The simplest of the brushes, this one does not require a lengthy introduction. Simply place the bristles under your nails and move the brush from side to side.

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