Get your feet ready for summer
Apr, 2021

Smooth and soft feet are a must as the temperatures rise and you get your sandals out of storage. Follow this guide from Meraki to be ready to take on summer. We have all the lotions, creams and accessories you need to pamper and nourish your feet.

As it gets warmer, your feet beg to be set free and see the sunlight. Whether you are going to the beach, on a big city holiday or enjoying the local park, wearing sandals or even going barefoot is synonymous with summer. Pamper your feet with nourishing ingredients and make your foot soak a calming ritual. Before you begin, lay out everything you need and keep it ready

Get rid of dry skin

The first step in your feet prep ritual is buffing away callouses and hard, dry skin. Some people do this after soaking their feet. But if you do it before, you avoid the risk of removing too much skin. It is easier for you to see how much you can actually remove with your foot file or pumice stone.

Soak your feet

This is the calming part of the foot care ritual. Soaking your feet and getting a relaxing moment to yourself. The soap balls from Meraki are made for this. Find your favourite fragrance, cut the ball in half and let it dissolve in the warm water. While you enjoy a cup of tea, let the olive oil and shea butter in the ball soften and nourish your skin.

After drying your feet, it is time to get your nails in order. Doing this right after a soak is best, as the nails and cuticles have been softened by the water and are easier to work with. Gently push your cuticles back with a cuticle pusher, clip your nails with a sharp clipper and finish by refining the result with a nail file. Our nail kit gives you all the tools needed to keep your nails in shape.  

Moisturise and nourish

The all-important and last step which makes all the difference for silky-soft feet. Your feet require extra care and attention which is why a foot cream is required. Ours contains organic sesame oil and an organic extract from oats to soothe, nourish and soften your feet.

Massage a generous amount of foot cream into your feet and put on our socks designed to lock in the formula. With vitamin E, lavender, olive and jojoba oil on the inside, the socks provide intense moisture. Wear them until the cream has been absorbed or keep them on overnight. In the morning, wake up to wonderfully soft feet that are more than ready to take on summer in sandals.

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