A sensuous Meraki spring
Jan, 2021

Pamper yourself this season. Slow down and turn selfcare into moments of bliss. From nourishing shampoos and soaps to bathroom décor in metals and soft textiles, let Meraki satisfy your senses.

Wellbeing and mindfulness are achieved when all aspects of your bathroom work together. In a Meraki bathroom, you see the beauty of the elegantly designed items, smell the vibrant and invigorating soaps, and feel the soft foams and textures of our cleansing products. This season makes room for relaxation and rejuvenation as you surround yourself with beautiful items. 

New care products

Stay safe in the sun with the new Meraki sun care products which protect and moisturise your skin. In addition to our PURE products which are perfume-free, this range also offers sun care with a light floral scent for a touch of everyday luxury. Whatever you choose, the protective effect and nourishing ingredients remain the same.

To give you smooth, shiny and soft hair, this season also sees a launch of a high-end series of hair products that tackle dull, dry, fine and lifeless hair. Whether you want fuller hair or less frizz, our volumising and moisturising formulas give your hair a natural and healthy look.

The Linen Dew and Silky Mist ranges are extended with certified organic body butters. Aloe vera, shea butter and a range of nourishing oils from olive, sunflower and almond come together to relieve dry skin and add much need moisture without being greasy.

Calming textiles

New textiles in brown and grey shades underpin the classic and calm design we know and love. Hair bands support your face cleansing routine while lush towels add a delicate and understated touch to your bathroom décor. After a soothing bath, cocoon yourself in a softer than soft bathrobe and turn slow Sunday mornings into pure relaxation.

A dash of metal

Metals enter the scene this season. Aluminium basins, pitchers and trays transform your bathroom into a serene space thanks to fine, handmade detailing with a romantic touch and a sense of nostalgia.

The setting in which you perform your daily routines is important for the overall experience. Let the bathroom décor from Meraki turn your bathroom into a relaxing space where self-care is at the forefront.

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