A new face care series

Sep, 2020

The certified organic Meraki face care series gives you a mild and nourishing selection of skincare products that keep your skin looking healthy and radiant. Each product is rich in active ingredients that cleanse, nourish and moisturise. It is a complete series that turns your daily skincare rituals into moments of self-pampering.

Developed and produced in Denmark, we have worked intensively with finding the right combination of high-quality ingredients and consistencies to create a series with a luxurious feel.

Simple yet effective

We believe in simple routines. Some products have a 2-in-1 function while other products can be combined to complement each other. There is no need to turn your daily routine into a complicated ritual when you can get a product that fulfils more than one purpose.

Simplicity is also gained by using few, but effective ingredients. Look forward to nourishing oils, Earth Marine Water, brown algae, and hyaluronic acid that work wonders on your skin.

Functionality and feel are key

We want to help you create moments of calm and self-pampering in a hectic life. That is why the functionality and feel of the products are just as important for the overall experience as the ingredients.

For instance, we have made sure that the Cleansing Foam gives you a wonderfully soft and light foam to start out your skincare routine in a gentle manner. And the clay in our deep cleansing and hydrating Face Mask does not dry out like other clay masks out there but stays creamy as you wear it.

Certified organic and vegan

We care for your skin as well as the environment. For that reason, the products in this series are certified organic with Ecocert Cosmos and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel (except the multi balm).

That gives you a guarantee that the products adhere to strict standards in terms of organic ingredients and an environmentally friendly production with respect for natural resources. This also means that the packaging for the Face Mask, Serum A, Serum H and Daily Face Cream are made of 100% recycled paper fibres.

More than just an update

Product development is vital for Meraki because your skin deserves nothing but the very best. That is why we give you this new series of face care products. From nourishing ingredients to new consistencies and packaging, everything has been reviewed. Consider this a brand-new take on your daily skincare routine. 

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